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* Intel Quad Core i5 Processor:

* Internal Solid State Hard Drive:

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* 8 Channel 1/4" Audio Snake :

* Gold Plated 1/4" Instrument Cable:

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Built For Punishment, Built For Speed, The Touring Musician's Iron Workhorse VST Engine.

The ZENDRUMDRIVE is the ultimate supercharged audio computer for home, stage, and studio. Durable, dependable, customizable, and super-compatible, the ZENDRUMDRIVE lets you plug in your Zendrum, electronic drumset, or MIDI keyboard and drastically expand and customize your sounds with a seemingly endless variety of virtual instruments (VST's). 

Because every ZENDRUMDRIVE features ultra-durable and lightning-fast solid-state hard drives, expandable amounts of high-performance RAM, world-renowned Intel processors, and Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit, all built in to a heavy-duty professional equipment rack, you can install and run nearly any virtual instrument you choose and never worry about the ZENDRUMDRIVE being able to handle the processing workload or the rigors of the road. 

And, for the drummer who wants amazing drum samples without having to learn how to program them, every ZENDRUMDRIVE comes with Native Instruments Battery 4 with David Haney's personally designed TRS Drum Sample Library installed. We've made it so simple and so reliable that all you have to do is Plug In, Turn On, And Play! 

Every ZENDRUMDRIVE is custom designed, built, tested, and personally tech supported by Zendrum Inventor and Co-Founder David Haney.

The ZENDRUMDRIVE is compatible with all MIDI instruments, like Zendrum, keyboards, and electronic drumsets. It comes equipped with Native Instruments Battery 4, featuring Zendrum inventor David Haney's personal TRS drum sample library, and can run VSTs such as Fxpansion BFD2, Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0, Steven Slate Drums 4, Addictive Drums, East West Stormdrum 2, Native Instruments Entire Komplete Line of Virtual Instruments, and any other VST that is compatible with Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit. 
The ZENDRUMDRIVE was built with the road in mind. It is assembled inside a heavy-duty professional equipment rack with solid-state hard drives, which operate at speeds nearly six times that of regular spinning hard drives, can withstand forces up to 1500 G and have no moving parts to damage on a long ride to a gig. The ZENDRUMDRIVE was built BY musicians, FOR musicians. 


Intel Quad Core i5 Processor

240 GB Solid State Internal Hard Drive (Can Upgrade to 480 GB or 720 GB)

8 GB RAM (Can Upgrade to 16 GB RAM)

Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Eight 1/4" Line Outputs Programmable to Mono Mix, Stereo Mix, or 8 Instrument Outs

6' - 8 Channel Audio Snake (Can Upgrade to 9' Snake or 12' Snake)

10' Gold Plated Locking Connector 1/4" Instrument Cable (Can Upgrade to 20')

Native Instruments Battery 4 Installed on Every Zendrumdrive

Zendrum TRS Drum Sample Library Installed on Every Zendrumdrive

Lifetime Upgrades to Zendrum TRS Drum Sample Library

Heavy Duty Road Case

One Button Startup With Default Programming (TRS Drum Sample Library)

Easy to Use Manual for Simple Operation

Unbeatable Zendrum Customer Service with 24/7 Tech Support by Zendrum Inventor and Co-Founder David Haney

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