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I just touched my Zendrum for the first time!!!

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Wow, my Zen arrived today, (a whole day early!) I stayed at work until I couldn't stand it any longer then I had to bolt home. When I opened the case and first saw my Zen it blew me away, they said it was gorgeous but that didn't prepare me for what was in store. This is absolutely the MOST BEAUTIFUL instrument that I have ever seen, period. David outdid himself on this one, that's for sure. I really didn't expect to be blinded by the shine off of the wood. The color looks so deep and rich, and the purple to blue fade is even better than I had imagined it could be.

Then I plugged it in, man playing this will take some time to get down smoothly. I sounded like a kid banging on a drum kit haphazardly, all the while laughing at my novice mistakes. But it's OK because I also felt like a kid again, with christmas and birthday all at the same time!!!

Oh well, enough talk, it's time to Zendrum!!!   ;D




Give yourself at least 30 days to play with all the settings, try differant layouts, find what your brain/hands works best for you.

It all comes together very quickly, and then it's just one new experiance after another.

retro surfer:
 ;D Congrats man if you ever quit playing try to get a pic up I can't quite picture the fade in my mind.  ;D

It's 1 am and I just now put the Zendrum down.  :o I am starting to get the hang of it, I can do some cool stuff on it already, at the same time I have miles and miles to go. I took a quick picture to throw up here but it doesn't do the finish justice at all. I'll take a better picture in a day or two, with proper lighting instead of the flash.

retro surfer:
very nice you have every right to be proud.  way to go Zen another masterpiee


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