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questions re: dimensions, weight, pitch bend etc.

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What are the exact dimensions of the regular zendrum and the laptop?

How much do they weigh?

Are there any pics of what the laptop looks like when worn with a strap?

Has anyone asked for a MIDI pitch bend wheel to be added and how much would it be to add one? I am thinking I might like to trigger pitched sounds (a guitar emulation I have) and would like to have two-way (up and down) pitch bend. This would also allow for pich bending of percussion sounds like a bayan, gong, etc.

Weight can vary by several pounds based on how dense the wood used is.

The pitchbend is a pretty big modification, and I don't believe the firmware can support it, so the addition of a wheel or joystick really wouldn't do it, it would require reprogramming.  I may be wrong, but it just doesn't fit with what I know of the firmware.

I don't have a laptop here with me, so I'll wait on the dimensions there.

The standard model has sides of about 7.5", 24" and 31", give or take due to the fact that it is not a triangle and  it is bevelled.

Hi Tablameister,

I can answer your first 2 questions, Inspector 109 has dictated to me the answer to the 4th, and I've asked Geo to post a photo to answer the 3rd.

1) Dimensions
ZX Dimensions:
*Actual Zendrum: L31.5" X W8" X H3.5"
*Gig Bag with Zendrum inside: L40" X W12" X H4.5-5" depending on whether there's a cable inside the pocket of the gig bag
*ZX shipping carton: L45" X W15" X H7" which holds the Zendrum inside a gigbag, plus cables, merge box/power supply and bubble wrap.
Laptop Dimensions:
*Actual Laptop: W18" X D10" 
*Gigbag with Laptop inside: 19" X 14" X ~4.5"
*Laptop shipping carton: L30" X W15" X H7"

2) Weight
Almost all ZX's will weigh 7-8 lbs.
Most Zendrums are made from Hard Rock Maple or Figured Maple and weigh about 7 lbs.
Spaulted Maples will weigh a little less, maybe 6.5 lbs.
Zebrawood is the heaviest, weighing closer to 8 lbs.
There has been one Zendrum made from solid Purpleheart that weighed about 8.5 lbs and one made from solid Wenge that weighed closer to 9 lbs. Which is why these two woods are only used for Custom Shop inlays now...they are too heavy.
The Laptops will weigh 6-7 lbs and all of the above applies.

3) Laptop worn with a strap: Geo, would you mind to post the Laptop photo I sent you? Thanks!

4) MIDI pitchbend
Dictated from Inspector 109:
"We can't physically add a pitchbender although there are sound sources that are capable of bending pitch by velocity or strength of hit. A good example of this is the slide dobro guitar sound that comes with MacIntosh computers in their free Garage Band program. Roland and Alesis drum modules are also capable of bending pitch by velocity. Hope this helps."

Thanks and go well,

A Laptop when worn looks like this:

Elvis is alive ;D



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