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Name some of your favourite drummers/percussionists!

I thought this subject could be interesting. Both as a bit of an introduction topic ("who are these people posting here?") and as education ("who should I listen to if I want to hear some good drumming?").

I'll go first, but as I'm new to the field of drumming, my choices may not be so interesting. They are probably known to all reading this anyway.

Phil Collins. My knowledge of drummers is still small, but here's one almost everybody knows, and I like him. As far as I can tell, he does not only make great songs and sing well, but seems to be a capable drummer as well. I recently bought his big band CD, where his only contribution is to play the drums. It's not the best big band I've ever heard, but it's good stuff.

Future Man. Not a surprising choice, eh? I'm a big fan of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, and a web search looking for something like the Drumitar was what brought me here.

Special Mention: Kroumata. One of the very best classical ensembles we have in Sweden (the world?).

When I was a teenager (late 70s early 80s) my idol was Neil Peart. He still is in my list but as years went by I developed a different taste for drumming. Back then I also loved Keith Moon work.
If I look back at the music (and drummers I liked) I end up with this list:
Mic Fleetwood
Kenny Aronof
Manu Kache (with P Gabriel)
Jim Chamberlain (Smashin Pumpkins)
Phil Collins in very early Genesis
Carlton Barret (The Wailers)
And the number 1 IMHO, the one that made me desire to play drums: Sir Ringo Starr.

I have many others that I like but the list above are the ones that I can remember inspired or affected my drumming in one way or another.

Rod Morgenstein

Here are drummers I admire & enjoy, off the top of my head:

Ustad Zakir Hussein, and his father Alla Rakha
Glen Velez, Lynn Redmond, Olatunje
Hussain Ramsey
Mickey Hart, Brent Lewis
Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, Ginger Bake

- Mark

jeff sanders:
1970 8 years old:  grandfunk railroads guy, three dog nights dude, ccr fellow = groovers, butt shakers

1980 18 years old:  peart, bruford, tulls guys, zappas guys = complex, jaw drop performances

1990 28 years old:  world influences: reggae, jazz/blues, freestyle jam = diverse, spontaneous

2007 45 years old:  balance all of the above in a solid dynamic musical conveyance = still working on that  :)


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