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Hey folks. 

I might be playing an out-of-state gig with my Zendrum that would require air travel.  I've heard various stories about people taking their instruments with them.  The gig isn't confirmed yet, but I'd like to be prepared in the event that it is.  What's the best method for explaining this instrument to security?  How does it work for carry-on luggage, 'cause heaven knows I'm not gonna abandon it to the cargo hold!

Any advice'd be appreciated.


retro surfer:
i have taken mine traveling three 3 times for extended trips I have a laptop model and it's never been a issue a couple of times they have x-rayed it kust like a notebook other than that my biggest problem was a drummer I almost missed my flight cause he wouldn't stop lookin at it.

Ive flown back and forth from Ireland to the USA many times with my Zendrum as hand luggage. I'd NEVER check it in.
Last time it was Zendrum plus a 20" Cymbal bag with my ibook in a Crumpler bag inside.  I just say its a "MIDI Drumset / Electronic drumset" which seems to work fine. I think the staff at Nashville Airport are used to us Musicians!!!!

Maybe bring a print-out of the Zendrum manual in the case if they get  curious.


Are the carry-on standards the same between airports?  The reason I ask is because I know at O'Hare (I'm in the Chicago area) they have these little kiosk-things that measure your luggage and if it's outside the lines, into the hold it goes.  I don't know if those standards are universally enforced, and I've never had a situation where I was stridently opposed to checking a piece of oddly-shaped luggage. 

When you did your travelling, was the iBook your sound source for the Zendrum?  I've got an entire pedalboard for my rig... I don't consider any part of the system redundant and it's a soft shell bag, not a flight case.  I have similar concerns for that but I doubt they'd let me get both of the items through.

Great idea about bringing the manual.  Hee hee... kind of reminds me of when you have to prodce papers for an animal or something!


Jaay,¬  I maybe doing the travel thing as well in the near future.¬  ¬ Without the Zendrum, your just a musician with some sound modules so a good case as we all¬ know is ESSENTIAL.¬  The case I have would most likely work, however I will most likely buy a pelican case for it.¬  The fireman in me likes things to be "bomb proof" hence the pelican case.¬  If you don't know about them check'em out.¬  There packed full of foam that you can custom cut to fit what you need. There also water resistant i.e. BOMB PROOF.¬  Not to mention it might even help with re-sale should you decide for what ever insane reason to get rid of it.¬  Just my $.02.¬  Take care and stay safe, Mark



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