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Anyone have anything to say about the Barbetta Sona series amps?  I've been considering getting one too replace my KC-350... the Sonas are supposed to be lighter and more powerful--always a good thing.  But I hear they're kinda spotty on durability and hiss like a rattler in the sun.  Thoughts?


john emrich:
You heard wrong!  ;D  I haven't had any problems. 

The Sona 41 kicks butt!  If you are looking for a small, everything in one box amp, it is a great choice.  It cost's more than a Roland, but it is worth it.  You will be happy

I have used just about every kind of amp setup and I have stuck with the following.  I use the Sona 41 as my amp on small to medium things, and Mackie SA1521Zs with a SWA1501 subs for gigs were I need real big sound.

Hope this helps,

I just picked up a used sona 23c.  I have to say I am liking this amp.  First it's lightweight, at about 37 pounds, I can carry it.  When I first turned it on, it did hiss, until I turned down the highs (they were all the way up) on the onboard eq.  Then it was fine.

I'm using an amp primarily as a stage monitor that I, and the rest of the band can hear and feel.  I did our first gig with it on Saturday, in a medium sized club.  The house sound was LOUD, drinks were shaking on the tables. The folks were packed in there and dancing their butts off.  I had to crank it up, but I could hear the barbetta over the house on stage, so it did what I wanted it to do. 

It's got a nice thump from the 15" woofer, and good midrange and highs.  I wa going to go for the jbl eon g2, but I picked this amp up for 1/2 the price, so its was worth it.  The band did comment that they liked my new rig.



The Barbetta is my next amp for sure.  When I got my Roland, the salesguy was really nudging me toward the Barbetta, which cost significantly more.  He was a really smart guy, and I'm sorry I didn't get the Barbetta.  I've heard the Barbetta's live & in person & been real impressed. 

Hey John Emrich - are you using a subwoofer?   Which of the 41 models are you using??


john emrich:
I only use a sub if I am using the system as the main PA.  The Sona 41 can be used with it with great results, but putting a sub on stage can create more problems with the overall house mix if you aren't carefull.  That said, the Mackie sub is very nice and it has a volume control.  The Sona 41 has dual 10" drivers and can handle the low end fine.  I use the one with the mixer in the back.  It makes summing a stereo signal easy!

Hope this helps,


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