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Zendrum owners in DFW?


I am a tabla player in Plano, TX (a suburb of Dallas). Is there anyone out there in the DFW metroplex with a zendrum? I'd be very interested in seeing how it is played etc. I do music as a hobby so I don't really want to plunk down $1200+ without getting some more info firsthand about the zendrum.

I just downloaded the videos and will view them but it is not the same as actually seeing one up close. ANY help would be appreciated.

Hey Tablamaster,

I went through the same thing you are. I live in New England and was wanting to try a Zen before ordering but I could not find one within 500 miles or so of where I am located. Well after reading EVERYTHING on the web concerning the Zendrum and watching all the videos several times I went ahead and took the plunge and ordered. I should have mine in a few more weeks, when it arrives I can happily give you  my first impressions of the Zendrum. I know it's not the same as trying one, but at least it would be an opinion by another person who hasn't before played one. (I'll relay my first person reaction to you in detail if you wish.) :o

If you can afford it, I recommend taking a trip to Orlando Florida to the Epcot attraction at Disney.  Mo Rockin plays there every day except Sunday (which by strange coincidence seems to be the day that I manage to get to go there).  Mr. Wilson is the Zendrummer there and he is more than willing to share his experiences, plus you get to see a live performance of a Zendrum in action.

Hello from a Zendrummer in Md.  I had always had an interest in getting one but never tried one. I had the money, found one on e-bay, and the rest is history.  THIS THING ROCKS!!!   I would say if you have the money GO FOR IT!!  Especially if your a percussionist having the ability to trigger a bunch of stuff and still being able to play your acoustic tabla as well. the possibililties are UNLIMITED!! Good luck with your desicion. Mark

I was in Epcot back in 2002 but must have missed the Morccan pavillion. I like Mo'Rockin's video, they remind me a bit of Dissendent and Ofra Haza. The other videos look cool. I have a Roland Pad 5 and am able to do a fair bit with that but it has no memory  regarding pad-note assigments and only 5 pads. I have not been happy with the feel of the Akai mpd16. Zendrum was kind enough to give me the names of two local drummers who have zendrums. I emailed one but have not heard back yet. Hopefully one of them will be agreeable to letting me check their zendrum out.


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