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john emrich:
Hello All,

Welcome back to the new and improved forum!  Geo has done an outstanding job with this site.

I have added a multimedia section to my web site, www.johnemrich.com.  After talking with David, I would like to extend an invitation to all of you Zendrummers to check out the videos on my site. 

I am willing to share all that I know about this topic.  Software is the future of electronic drumming and the Zendrum is by far the most expressive tool that a drummer can use.  The dynamics of BFD are a perfect match for the capabilities of the Zendrum.  If you have questions, I will do my best to give you straight, honest answers and help to take the sting out of software drumming.  It is easier to upgrade and cheaper in the long run.  You can also turn your Zendrum into any instrument that you dream up.

Hope this helps.  Please enjoy the videos!

John Emrich

These videos are Great!

I am new to the Zendrum site!  This is the best forum I have found!

Mr. Emrich is exceptional!  I even ordered a CD!

I'll be back.


Great videos, and thanks for the offer to help.  Maybe a Forum topic on Computer Music (or some name like it).  I have used Cakewalk w/SoundCanvas PC board and a MIDI keyboard, but am as lost when I see your setup, so I have a few questions:  What is the most basic setup to play the Zendrum thru a computer?  Is the Receptor necessary?  What are the minimum specs, etc?  Aside from BFD, what is the basic software needed?

Thanks again,


john emrich:
A basic setup can be just about anything.  You need to be able to get MIDI into your computer.  There are a lot of products that you can use.  Look into the M-Audio interfaces.  You might be able to to it with your sound canvas.

You don't need a Receptor, but you do need POWER!  I would recommend 2gig and 7200 rpm drives.  The Receptor, in my opinion is the best way to go for what I do.  I fly all over the place and it is built tough.

With BFD, you don't need any other software.  You want to look for a stand alone program.  Otherwise, you will also need a host program, like your cakewalk.

I suggest www.gearslutz.com (computer music) and www.kvraudio.com for more info on computer music.

Hope this helps,

Thanks John.  I'm sure this will help, as well as the links.  I still have a question, though:  If the Receptor plays the VSi instruments, what is the laptop for?  Or maybe a better way to ask is, what is  the relationship between the laptop and the receptor?  Thanks/L.


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