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Author Topic: customer service  (Read 1994 times)


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customer service
« on: September 05, 2007, 03:15:40 PM »

Many great posts have been written about how incredibly awesome the turbo freddy receptor sounds and performs.  For me to right another one would be mundane.  But, let me tell you about their reliable and dedicated customer service.  First, I don’t have to dread the often encontered voice machine on the other end of the line telling me what number caller I am (five) and how long I have to wait on hold for previous callers (four) to get help.  When help arrives, I can hear the fumbling of fingers through the pages of the manual.  The tech is desperately searching to find a problem similar to mine and hoping the solution might solve my problem.  And the disappointing answer of  “that should work, if not, call back and explain the whole problem again to someone else. HELP!!!!!!!!!!  When I call The Freddy I hear the jovial human voice of Fred Daniels “HI mark whats up?” (Number one no waiting)  “How’s the weather in Florida?” “How’s the wife and kids?” I’m not a name I am like family.  And Fred will call you back with an answer just like he promised.  When I am having problems with BFD I contact BFD guru John Emrich.  John does not have to thumb through pages in a book to find the answer. He wrote the book!  I did not buy drum sounds in a box. I bought the first time John learned to play a flam or tweak a pan pot.  Many many years of experience are in those drum sounds. These guys love what they do and are compassionate in making you sound good, and have fun while doing it. So, as John Emrich said “the perfect marriage Zendrum, BFD and the Freddy turbo receptor.”
Welcome to the family!!!!!

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