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Samplers Raise The Roof Beam Carpenters

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  A musician "friend" of mine once told me that I was "rythmicly challenged". ::)  I prefer to say that I have a unique sence of  beat . :P The Zendrum has allowed me  to get more syncopated and go WAY further into my "unique sence" by being able to sample phrases onto pads  . I am using a SP-404 so any set of layers
that I want I can build on my computer. I create sample banks where I can tweek the sound(s) to my hearts content. A whole new flavor comes out of this that seems more
personal compared to just triggering sounds from a module though it takes time. Since I started doing this  the fun quotient has gone through the roof.  The limitation is with the 404's ployphony especially if I use stereo samples. So I am thinking about getting another one of those (404's) and daisy chaining them together. Is anyone out there using this type of setup or something similar? This would be a simple and easy set up to transport  as well.

Hello from another SP-404 user. Yes the limited polyphony can be an issue.  If your seriously going to take the sampler route and want to stay with Roland products, I would recomend getting the Roland FANTOM XR. It is the rack mount version of the Fantom keyboard. I believe it has 128 note polyphony.  Granted you will pay a little more than twice the price for the Fantom, but it sounds like the polyphony will do you right.  Not to mention alot of other cool routing features, as well as USB capability, etc.  Another thing if your getting into loops, etc. would be the Boss RC-50. An awsome little gadget for doing loops on the fly. It's worth checking it out. 

You can also go to the "Your Zen Rig consist's of...." section for some ideas as well.

Take care and stay safe, Mark

Hi Firemusician,
You keyed right into me 8) I have been using a Fantom X6 (keyboard) for some time but to tell you the truth I have found it to be a tad intimidating in that I have not had enough "musical time" to really plum it's depths. I have been working on playing Chapman Stick which can be totally consuming and was using the 404 to triger accompaniment (with my big toe.) Thats when I had a little epiphany. I had not been playing the Zendrum  and I thought "what would happen if?..." So I hooked up the Zendrum to the 404 and was gone ...;D I had
not had "one of those nights"  the kind that make you think "this is why I do this!"; wires all over the place, up until 2:AM -nothing will ever be the same :o kind of thing for a while. So when I got back to "baseline" and started really looking into the Sp-404 and that I am the type that wants to coustomize every sound and that I have the Fantom on my desk, well, I have been doing some serious manual reading. I like the 404 and the idea of the ZD and "a little box of sounds" is very apealing but really it's a side dish. The Zendrum needs a brain that can do it justice and I have been reciently reawakened to it's power.
Have you actually used a RC-50? I would be curious  to hear what a non bias perspective was on that . Also I have not found the "Your Zen Rig consists of" section but i'll
keep looking.

Just me thinkin out loud, but if you already have a Chapman stick, aren't those MIDI Capable??  If you have the FANTOM X6, I would take the hit for the team and learn that, especially if the X6 has multiple audio outs like the XR.  1 stereo pair for the chapman stick, and the other for the Zendrum. With a little midi routing you could do some interesting stuff. 

Another thought.... the 404's sample editing is somewhat limited. Not sure if you have audio editing software at home, but I believe the fantom solves that problem as well.  Either way sounds like you have some good gear with alot of potential!  As for the RC-50 I have not worked with it as of yet, but the demo video's at roland's web site ( www.rolandus.com) pretty much takes care of any doubts.

http://zendrum.com/forums/index.php?topic=10.0  <------ "your set-up consists of..."

Take care and stay safe, Mark

Thanks for the links. :)The RC-50 seems pretty cool and I liked the demo.(Not the add :-[) That That thing has so much memory capability makes it very apealing.
As far as the Fantom goes and taking a hit for the team, I'd like to inhale on that one and say that the synth is so amazing just in what it can do out
of the box that I have not needed to go deeper (yet) ;) For example it has a color screen that searches instruments by types so you see pictures of pianos,
synethizers, guitars, etc. By the hundreds. This is a whole different "brain" experience than searching through lists. So using it for the Zd is fantastic without trying very hard
as well. Infact you could never even need to sample your own sounds because the Roland guys have done such a great job. But the "epiphany" that I mentioned
above was like the curtain being pulled back and a vastness of expression that was right at my finger tips if you will excuse the pun opened up that I don't think
I have an expression for . So I will make some more music ;D If your interested you can go to my myspace and listen to some of my stuff  http://www.myspace.com/jrjwhatifthepaintingshadsongs 

Chapman Sticks? The amazing other end of the spectrum of tapping instruments. I am about five years into it and the more I play the less effected I want the sound to be.
Yes you can synthesize it but I think that the sentiment expressed in making things more simple is what is driving my new found interest in the Zendrum and the "idea" of carfully crafted sound banks that enable the musician (me) to cast moods and spells and create whole and unusual soundscapes that can potentially transport the listener to other dimentions is like being a painter and working out your dreams on canvas and then being able to play the dreams in real time... ::) Sorry "just me thinking out loud"
but thats what I am working on.
Best of all worlds.


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