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I was recently playing a gig with my Zen, and the trigger I use for my snare seemed to be fading out on me occasionally. Most of the time it seemed fine, then it would drop out for several measures, then come back. No matter how hard or soft I hit it while it was gone, I would either get no sound (ie: did not seem to trigger), or a very low level of sound (like a very light trigger). Seems like I have a flaky contact somewhere for that trigger, but thought I'd better ask before opening it up.

Any ideas of what to look for as the problem source before I perform open heart surgery on my Zen ? Are there any repair parts available. This is an old Muse, so not sure if the components used are the same as current models.
Any advice welcome. I am fairly technical, so not afraid to get right into the guts for repair if required.


john emrich:
I too have had this happen.  But, it was never anything on the inside. 

I would try to re-seat the trigger.  Gently push the trigger down and make sure that you don't push to hard.  With most of the triggers on the Zendrum, you will end up hitting them in the same spot.  Sometimes that is not center  and over time will cause the trigger cap to shift on the rubber grommet.  A gentle push down on the trigger will center the the plastic piece on the top and may fix your problem.  I have found this helpful.


retro surfer:
I Agree the caps get shifted sometimes on the pads and cause some very slight binding nothing gentle adjustment has not fixed.  don't know if the Muse is the same though I had one originally but did not have the problems as much as my laptop does but I play the laptop harder.  good luck

jeff sanders:
a few times i noticed that my hats were faded volume even though my toms, snare, bass drum volumes were not affected.  i use dmpro.

I had this problem about a yr ago.
My Midi jack wire had a very small cut in it on the plug in on the inside
I had an electronics guru fix it for me very easily.
hope this helps.



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