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Questions re: Battery Box


So I'm planning on getting a 2nd merge box and thinking about power supplies.  When thinking about my options, I began to think that the deHass 9V box would suit my needs better.  However, since I don't have one to tool around with (and I don't want to risk frying the thing), I must bludgeon you all with stupid questions.  Please bear with me.

my regular merge box putters out on me at a gig.  Could I simply turn on the battery box and run it like my regular merge box?  I.E. not to a wireless rig or anything, just through my regular rig.

I want to run the battery box, but not use an actual 9V battery.  The pedalboard I run my rig through has a cord for guitar pedals that has 9V battery terminals on it (this was for pedals made before 2.1mm connectors became popular).  Could I connect this cord to the 9V terminals in the Battery Box and run it off of the board's power supply as a sub for my merge box, or would that fry the box? 

That's about all I have right now.  Thanks folks!


Inspector 109:
Hey Jaay!
Hypo 1 will work.

Hypo 2 will not.

All three power box options are in here, in stock.



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