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I'm playing percussions since 1990. Sometimes I'm sad of transporting all the instruments. So I was looking for an electronic alternative. When I found Zendrum, I loved it immediately.  ;D My problem: I'm still a beginner with MIDI. When I did not miss anything, the Zendrum is a controller and needs any kind of additional MIDI hardware. I know that PC soundcards can play MIDI files, but I think I'll need additional software to play in realtime. Who can recommend any hard- or software (not to expensive for the beginning)?



The Zendrum produces no sound by itself.  It needs to be hooked up to a MIDI soundsource.  This could be a PC, a keyboard or a drum machine.

You do not need a working knowledge of MIDI to use a Zendrum at all.

Finding a drum machine/drum module in your price range is a good place to start.  The Zendrum will sound as good as the module, so keep that in mind.

john emrich:
I would also recommend a module at this point.  Check Ebay and take your time getting into it.  Software is the future of edrumming but it is a lot to get a handle on right away.  Once you have worked with a module for a while, you can get into software.

With software ou need to consider all of the components, including interface devices and the computer itself because you will have to deal with latency issues.

Hope this helps and welcome to the community.

OK then. I think I'll try a module first. Are there any requirements? Do the cables fit on any module? I'm actually having an eye on the Roland TD-6V.


Any module with a MIDI in should do the trick.


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