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The BEST THING you've ever heard.. NO KIDDING

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(Somehow my username got zapped a while back when the site was updated, and I admittedly haven't visited much (not much of a poster child) but I just had to hop on and rave about the BFD Turbo Receptor from The Freddy... www.the-freddy.com )

I've been zenning since the mid 90's, and have been using a computer with the zen for many years now.  I've tried everything (just about) out there.   I remember showing Dave (Inspector 109) my Mac setup around 2002 with Battery, etc.  but it just wasn't "there" yet.

Fast forward 5 years.  I call Dave and he says "Read my post about the BFD Turbo Receptor" from The Freddy.   So I did.  And I ordered one. 


Right out of the box, within 2 minutes, I'm playing the most realistic, most expressive, most nuance-filled drum kits I've ever heard.  And not just a few.  SEVENTY EIGHT kits of them.


No waiting, no messing around, no setup, no sampling, assigning, no fuss, no muss.

We're talking fully tweeked, amazing sounding, deep, wide, phatt kits of every variety, plus tons of percussion like Djembe tribal, conga tribe, Stone Temple (i played this one for an hour non-stop.. it's HUGE).. it goes on and on.

For those looking for an in-depth comparison or detailed breakdown of the kits, the sounds, or TD-XX vs this vs that... well.....

There is no comparison.  This flat-out kills every thing you've ever heard.

The beauty of it was, it came ready to go, 100%.  Stocked, locked, loaded and gassed up.  With hundreds of megs of samples totally produced and amazing sounding.

The Freddy is da BOMB.  The Freddy took care of everything.  The Freddy had the insight to know what us Zenners needed, wanted, craved... and The Freddy Delivered!!

I'm astounded.

Did I mention I'm blown away?

If you want to sound like your playing superb, finely detailed drums, with close to 100 kits literally at your fingertips...fully patch-changeable right from the zendrum... with no noticeable latency, in a rock-solid system, that is totally pre-loaded so you don't have to .. lift a finger (pun intended)... then call The Freddy.

Sell everything you have.. Hawk your old kit, your Alesis DM whatevers, your TD-10,20,30 50... 1000... there is nothing on the planet that comes close.   Take a second job, a 3rd if needed..  I'm not kidding.  It's THAT good.

Hats off to THE FREDDY and Inspector 109 for really doing it right... TIGHT and RIGHT.

Jeff w/ Man On Fire

Michael Render:
I am not sure I get your subtle message. Did you like it? ;D


--- Quote from: Michael Render on August 13, 2007, 07:54:33 AM ---I am not sure I get your subtle message. Did you like it? ;D

--- End quote ---

Heh...judging by what he posted. I'd say yes. Now I don't have a Zendrum yet..(planning in the works for one...) but like him...I was blown away from the vids I've seen of John and the BFD software and the Muse Receptor (Freddy). I've shown it to my bandmates...and they dug it. Especially my guitarist. He was just totally blown away. I believe he said that the Zendrum w/ a Freddy "Totally replaces the acoustic drums".

He took it a step further and turn his back to the PC and just listen to John E. play his laptop....and all I was was him smiling and nodding. Even my wife agreed that the Freddy was cool and sounded like a real kit.

Yes. That's right. Wife approved folks.

So I might not be a Zendrummer yet...but I did the research...and I'm getting a Freddy straight out the gate. Granted...I won't be playing like John E. anytime soon, but if BFD and the Freddy can make believers out of people who don't even play drums...not to mention I don't even own a Zendrum yet:

That's saying a heck of alot about the product.

PS: Hey everyone. Been lurking for a while. I hope in the next couple of months I will be among the ranks to own a Zendrum.  :)


john emrich:

--- Quote from: Talon on August 15, 2007, 12:54:11 AM --- I've shown it to my bandmates...and they dug it. Especially my guitarist. He was just totally blown away.


--- End quote ---

BTW, We have a guitar version and a keyboard version in the works.  In fact, we just shipped our first BFD Turbo Receptor that included Native Instruments Komplete!

Thanks for the kind words.

I just got off the phone with Freddie and I ordered one sight unseen. The positive posts here on the forum have convinced me that this would be the way to go. I'm looking forward to the plug and play aspect of this and I hope that the all the work that Fred and John have done for all zendrummers and e-drummers will be everything that the Freddie can be and all I could ask for!  Anyone thinking about buying the Freddie should also read the comments that Dave had posted on this and all the other positive comments that were given on this forum.     Thank you Fred and John and Michael and others  for all your input on this.  THUMPER


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