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How will BFD and my 1Ghz iBook work together???

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First off, I just ordered my Zendrum - it should be another 3 weeks or so!!!!!
Anyway, because of the Zendrum I am having to re-evaluate my current music rig. I use my iBook for the majority of my synth work these days, with Ableton Live & Reason through an Maudio Trigger Finger. These all seem to work fine together, but what about BFD? I only have 756 RAM and 1.07 Ghz processor, will this be enough to properly use BFD? I have checked out the site and I get the impression that it may be a real memory hog...
I love the potential of the progam and the samples I heard were out of this world!!! Can I use this with my current rig? Could I still use Ableton Live and Reason at the same time? If so does BFD use ReWire to integrate to other music software? Or would I be better off just running the Zendrum into my Yamaha DTXtreme IIS?


john emrich:
Good to hear that you are going the software route and considering BFD!  IMO there is nothing available in the form of a module that can even come close to software!  I have been using BFD with my sound library, jazz & funk, for about a year now and through out that time, anything that I dream up becomes reality quickly.  I also use Live and Reason for some things and everything works great.

Yes, BFD is a big program and the last two libraries are 55 gig each!  I am sorry, but I am not up to speed on MACs yet.  BFD will rewire into Abelton Live and you shouldn't have any issues there. 

The big thing to look for in your setup is the combination of the computer, drives, and interface.  (I would recommend that you get a very fast drive.  At least 7200 rpm, just for the BFD data)  Latency will be your top concern.  There are a lot of topics on this covered at fxpansion.com under support.

We can keep this thread going here!  I will help out as much as I can.  The Mayor is a big MAC fan and he may be able to help.


Thanks for the snappy answer, this forum is great. I would love to keep this going and here from other Mac users, etc.
Keep it coming guys!!


retro surfer:
you can stick me on the Macintosh side of the discussion I use a Mac intelbased Mini with Battery 2 right now and get solid performance in most ways .  I also run my other apps on mac notebooks.  Even this is being typed on a 12 inch g4 powerbook .  I still swap back and forth between software and modules but i seem to be moving more towards the software side all the time.  I do all my recording and guitar work with Pro Tools LE and a digi 002 rack unit and would never go back to recording on anything but a DAW


I was looking at the muse receptor... Man that's sweet. But it's a little confusing to me, would I be able to load and run  Ableton Live and Reason into it? What about BFD? How would all that work. Someone help me please and explain it to me plain and simple, cause this is some killer technology goin on here and I want to make the right choices.
Thanks again everyone,


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