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TD-20 Hi hat control


I know I'm about ten years behind in technology and this must have been resolved before but I couldn't find an answer.

I just bought a used TD-20 and want to control the hi hat between two triggers with one being half open and the other closed. If I use note 46 (open HH) on one trigger and note 42 (closed HH) on the other, when I hit 46 it sounds and then when I hit 42 it turns off note 46 and plays 42 which is perfect except I don't want the HH sound of 46 to be all the way open. I can make note 46 another instrument in the kit and edit it but then it won't turn the note off when I hit 42. How do I make one trigger play it's note and turn off another note? Or how do I edit the TD-20 Hihat so that note 46 is only half open?

The TD-20 doesn't have a half-open note number, but #26 is 'open edge' and generally is passable enough.

Is there a way to make one trigger play it's note and turn off another note either on the Zendrum or TD-20? This was easy when in my Yamaha S90 keyboard.

I got it worked out. I bought a $4 volume switch, a $3 audio cable and a $2 audio jack from Radioshack to make a control for the hihat. When plugged into my TD-20 hihat control it works to make a half open hi hat when dialed in just right and I don't need a pedal. I set one trigger for #42 closed hat and a different trigger for #46 open and it plays half open instead of fully open and closes when I hit #42. yay! I can be free from pedals now.


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