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BFD is better live than NI drummers?


Do people feel that BFD (2 or 3) is better for live playing than NI's drummers? For me, NI Studio Drummer has a good response and sounds good, but BFD's nuance and sound (especially the cymbals') are a little better, but enough to make me permanently prefer BFD. Sound quality might simply be a matter of taste, and maybe I could do more tweaking in NI. But it seems to me that BFD is objectively more sensitive to live playing nuances. Do people agree with that, or does it once again depend on personal taste? I think the difference in responsiveness might only be noticeable to Zendrummers.

I like and use both. BFD3, most NI drum libraries, SSD4, Superior Drummer, etc.
NI drum libraries seem to have a lower sensitivity and require higher velocity curves on the hardware.


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