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best way to use multiple drum softwares at the same time?

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To use BFD2 on my Macbook Retina and still get system audio, I had to install a USB audio device (Roland MK2 Duo). That's because ASIO won't allow the system and BFD2 to use the same WDM device at the same time. I've also started using Kontakt 5's drummers, and ASIO requires Kontakt, BFD, and the system to each have exclusive control over their WDM device.

I guess I can add yet another physical USB audio device, but is there any other, perhaps more convenient way? Is there a way to enable BFD and Kontakt to share the same ASIO out? If I add a third physical audio out, I'll have to add a mixer because my monitors only have two simultaneously usable inputs.

It sounds like you may be using BFD and Kontakt standalone?  Using them within a DAW or VST host should solve your problem.

Yes, standalone. So is a DAW the only way? I really don't want to install and learn yet another software package, especially if I don't need the bulk of a DAW's capabilities. Is there some minimal DAW out there?

john emrich:
On the Mac you can use a program called Mainstage.  It is cheap and available in the App Store......

I use it to do shows and combine programs.  It is basically logic without the recording capability.  You can set it up to meet any function requirements you may have.  For example, I use two triggers on my ZMP plus to change patches on the fly.  I use a simple MIDI note to do this.

It's cheap and worth a try...


Thanks, but I'm afraid even my MBR is Windows. Can anyone recommend the most lightweight DAW for Windows?


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