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Hi all,
The forum is not getting as much use as it used to unfortunately. I do keep an eye on it, and I also belong to the facebook group. I believe these questions are better served here on the forum. I have searched and read several threads but I am not seeing exact answers to these questions, so here goes:

1. Kick pedal - works fine, set up as #4 MIDI, and ties right in to the kick sample.
2. Hi hat pedal - Roland FD8. Not so much. I can't get it to tie in to the hihat sample. I set up a variable hihat on an unused MIDI #, it triggers fine within BFD3, but I can't seem to tie it in with the pedal. I did a ZD calibration on all of these btw. What am I missing?
3. volume knob - even after a calibration, I can't seem to get this to work. It is set for the MIDI volume # as specified in the ZD manual (not at the ZD at the moment, so I forget the # offhand), and after calibration it still has no effect. Operator error I am sure... but what error?!?
4. Choke -  I have read a lot of older info on this forum, but no specific answer that I can fathom. I  want to choke my cymbals using the button on the back, and it just does nothing, even with different #'s I have tried, including #64, 123, etc. I also set it to #1 for "damper" mode. Is there a solution?

All of these worked fine when I was using the Roland TD20 module. There is a pretty steep learning curve for BFD3 (at least for me) but I understand it pretty well now after a mucking around the past couple of months. SO, any thoughts on getting this set up right would be appreciated. Thanks!

For #2, see "Variable hihat control" here:

For #3, I have my volume knob connected to the master fader via the MIDI learn feature.

For #4, there are various ways to accomplish this.  Personally I use a MIDI filter plugin to convert the button CC to a Note On message.  The note message is mapped to a choke articulation within my key map.


#2: I have read that 3-4 times, I guess I still am not doing it correctly. I will try again, at least I know the answer is in there somewhere! ;D

#3: Ahah! I will try that through the MIDI learn feature.

#4: **Gark!**  :-[ 'scuse me while I choke... ok, what the heck is a "MIDI filter plugin", lol!

Isn't it strange that it worked with the Roland TD20, and it won't work with BFD3? It must have something to do with one being a synthesized signal, and the other a recorded sample I suppose. Ah well, I took the plunge with BFD3, so I have to keep at it!

Thanks Darin.... I'll post results when I get a minute to try this all out , hopefully later tonight.

Well, #2: I was able to get the hihat set up, using the manual, reading and testing, fine tuning and finally voila! I hit the right combination, and unlocked the secrets hidden within (sounds like "Zelda", lol!). I now have variable shank, variable tip, and both with a foot chick and a splash when releasing the foot pedal quickly. The only minor aggravation is the delayed response in the opening of the hat when I lift my foot up from the pedal. I'm sure there is a way to tweak that, and I will explore and test further... the 'preferences' area sounds promising!
#3 - How do you set that up thru midi learn? I can see where the volume control has a MIDI # (cc7) and I can see the value change (in the MIDI log) as it should. I am not certain how to tie it in with the volume control on the ZD. Any direction you can give me?
#4. Choke is not going to work unless I do what you are doing, DW, ie: a MIDI filter plug in.. but I don't know what that is!! Can you explain? Thanks DW.

I did find the "auto" function and was able to set up the volume knob using this function, the learn mode and clicking on the master gain knob top right of the screen. Once I found and followed the directions in the manual, it was pretty simple to do and the volume knob is now functional, thanks!

So I have everything working now except the choke button.

I still am unsure of exactly what a MIDI filter plug in really is, and unfortunately Google has not helped :-).



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