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Has there ever been any consideration for a "ZenDrum mini"? I'm thinking a tabletop unit with maybe up to ten triggers that you put next to your laptop and play one-handed. It would have a more "palm friendly" shape and layout, like my LT. If it weighed under 1lb., I would really love to be able to tote something like this around along with my laptop. To actually be useful in that case, it would need to be free of AC power. One USB port that powers it from the laptop and that's also the MIDI connection would do it. Eliminate the user interface stuff entirely to save power, weight, and space, instead providing a software utility that for the LED readout and parameter selection. The idea is: cheap, light and portable, yet usefully playable.

Is this feasible as a custom job, or would it require so much re-engineering that it would be too costly?

Something like the Zap or Zap^2? 


--- Quote from: DrumWagon on January 22, 2014, 12:30:55 AM ---Something like the Zap or Zap^2?

--- End quote ---
Something significantly smaller and more convenient and ergonomic: under 1lb., requiring only one cable to be plugged into a laptop to use, a curved pad layout to lie under one's palm.

There is the Korg Nanopad 2,if you want to do basic / single shot / DJ triggering with a USB interface but it is a million miles away from the response of a Zendrum.


I picked up a QuNexus, and the playing response is actually not bad. It's a little bit more cramped than I wanted, but it does have other uses, plus it's really small and light and USB powered. I was so happy with it, I bought a QuNeo, which is partially designed (its 4 x 4 array) for finger drumming, but it's much less sensitive than the QuNexus so that you can't tap it to play, rather, you have to whack it. It will suit some people, but it's useless to me as a drum controller, although I can use it for other things.


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