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Any ballpark estimates on when the ZMP will be available and how much it will cost?

Inspector 109:
The Zendrum Mallet Pro and the Mallet Pro X will be ready to ship January.
The ZMP is $1600
The ZMPX is $2400
SKB Cases, stands, pedals, mallets will also be available.
We will have it posted on the Zendrum.com shopping cart by Christmas.
Pre-orders are being scheduled now with $300 deposits at orders@zendrum.com

What's the difference between the X and the vanilla ZMP?

Inspector 109:
The X is 3 & 1/2 octaves of bars AND 15 Zendrum triggers
Two complete Z4 systems in one unit
The ZMP is 2 & 1/2 octaves of bars
One Z4 system maxxed out


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