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New options for power; should I avail?


Greetings all!  I came across an interesting thing today, wanted to share it, get some thoughts.

I was doing research today and came across Pedaltrain's website; they've released a new, portable power supply called "Volto".  The idea behind it is to get rid of the wall-wart in a guitarist's pedal chain; one cable to the guitar, one to the amp.

My main rig is mains-powered (appropriate, huh?), but I do have a battery-powered rig.  Three seperate components (module, amp, and Battery Box), all battery-powered.  I'm wondering if this might be a better option to go with.  Here's my thoughts:

-I could use this unit to power both my main and auxiliary rigs
-USB power supply would eliminate one type of charger I'd need to have in the house
-9 hours of battery life should be enough for most reasonable gigs, especially if I can charge it back up in the car on the way home
-Eliminates battery waste (1 power supply instead of the 12 AAs and 1 9V I currently need)

-Using this for my battery-powered rig would require cabling everything together, knocking out some of the portability of the rig.
-If the power on one goes, it all goes (as opposed to before, when everything was compartmentalized)
-related to the first point; if I just wanted to use one component, I have to mate it to the power supply instead of using the batteries.

So, it seems like the biggest drawback is adding one component to the aux rig, and the biggest benefit is being able to power the main rig.  Thoughts?



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