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map sustain switch to BFD automation?

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Just the clarify, my comments above meant to say that "note off" does not mean "cut off all audio".  Roland does seem to interpret the MIDI spec in that fashion, but strictly speaking it means to stop processing all note on/off messages.  If the audio engine is still processing a sound I think it's correct to let the tails continue as it's less abrupt.

If you're truly going for that effect though, you might consider using the CC as automation in your DAW or host application, to toggle a mute function.

Just curious though, what is your goal with all this?

Oh, right, midi note off obviously won't cut off audio once the note's begun. I'm just trying to find some use for my momentary switch, which just sits idle because I'll never use my ZenDrum melodically since I have a nice keyboard. Also, in my symmetrical layout I have no triggers left to devote to a real choke. I'll probably end up making left-handed and right-handed layouts that use the opposite side for percussion, chokes, etc.

I see.  Well, I can tell you how I have mine setup, but it's very specific to my DAW of choice, Reaper.

One of the many cool things about Reaper is that you can develop your own filters using a variant of ECMAScript.  When I first switched over to BFD2, I wrote a small filter that converts CCs over to Note messages.  This allows me to effectively remap CC#64 over to Note#127, which I've then mapped within BFD to a cymbal choke group.

Again, that's very specific to my own needs, but it might give you some ideas.

BTW, that filter I wrote is also available here, should anyone also be using Reaper: http://nebiru.com/drumWagon/page.cfm/ReaperJS


The DAW solution looks like a lot more than I need. Actually, BFD2's panic function will cut off all audio, including ending any groove that is playing. I still really would like to have the momentary switch activate panic. So when I have the Panic parameter mapped to CC 64, I need to solve the problem of why BFD doesn't respond with Panic when it receives velocity 000 for CC 64 on channel 10.

Having read through all this, and taking my other post into account,  I am wondering if the way to do this is add a cymbal choke signal to each cymbal, through Zenedit, as the last slot in the 4 slots we can use for each pad. If the crossfade setting is at 124 or so for the last slot, perhaps when striking the cymbal hard, it will cause it to choke?? Then we don't need to even worry about the sustain/choke button on the back.... and that way each cymbal can have an individual choke... I'll try this later tonight!


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