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map sustain switch to BFD automation?

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I want to have my sustain button trigger BFD's panic function to use as a choke just as John Emrich suggests in one of his videos. As I read the manual, it says the sustain button can put out CC 64. So in ZenEdit, I set the button's value to "sustain" (64), set its channel to 10 like all my other triggers, verify that its MIDI message is "control change," and upload the SysEx, but I still can't detect any MIDI information happening as a result of pressing my sustain button. When I press it, ZenEdit doesn't register anything, and neither does BFD's MIDI inspector. In fact, the sustain button only shows in ZenEdit when I select "Show unused items," even after programming it.  I've tried toggling its polarity, but that makes no difference. I think I know what to do on the BFD side (drop the "Panic" parameter onto CC 64 on the automation page),  but I need to verify what's coming out of the sustain button. What am I missing here?

The sustain button should not disappear if 'show unused items' is disabled.
This suggests you don't have that control configured properly or are not using the correct on-screen control.

When properly configured, the sustain button will render as a round button with nested concentric circles and will have 'CC 1' watermarked along the bottom.
On the 'Advanced' trigger settings tab, 'MIDI Message' will show 'Control Change'.  On the 'Calibration' tab, Min will be 0 and Max will be 7.  The polarity is not inverted and the response curve is zero.
These are the DEFAULT settings for a new project.  You can create a new project to confirm this and to compare to your own settings.  Please double check your settings and that you are correctly identifying 'CC 1' as that is the momentary switch.

Regarding BFD, by default the 'all notes off' (so-called panic) CC message is #123.  This is the standard message number for that feature and there is no need to remap it to #64.  It's more proper to change the CC number emitted by your momentary switch to be #123.

Personally I don't use 'all notes off' to choke as I don't find that to sound realistic.  I instead use the choke articulations for particular cymbals slots.  That's a bit more complicated however and involves customizing your keymap, converting CC messages to note on/off and creating a repeater if there is more than one cymbal you intend to make chokeable.

Thanks. I was misreading the 5-sided graphic as corresponding to the momentary switch. Also, I expected the switch to be in the center of those three at the bottom, surrounded by the two jacks. I programmed the nested concentric circles as recommended. It blinks now in ZenEdit, and I verify in BFD that it receives "CC [123], Val [000], Ch [10]," but I'm not getting any note off action. The hihat continues to ring out. I've un-mapped BFD's panic function. Can you tell me what I'm missing now? For now, I'd rather use my otherwise unused momentary switch than dedicate triggers to choke.

Some modules (Roland for instance) cut off all the sounds when CC#123 is received.  I don't believe that's the case for BFD, but John Emrich would probably be the final word on that.  Usually #123 just means stop processing incoming note data for a short period of time.

I use BFD's choke articulations to accomplish cymbal chokes, but it sounds like you want to just abruptly cut off 'all' active sounds?

Yes, for now cut off all active sounds. I tried my first plan: programming the switch to CC 64 and mapping that to panic in BFD's automation section. BFD's midi inspector verifies correctness, but I'm still not getting note off action. I also tried all three automation modes (continuous, toggle, and switch).


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