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BFD3 - Number of available Drum slots

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Hi John,
saw some of the previews of BFD3, it looks fantastic.
Was just wondering if you would know the maximum number of slots/channels for Drums that can be opened for a drumset. Thinking on ideas for say an expanded Zendrum 27-28 pads?


The answer that I got on Facebook was 64 (up from 32 in BFD2).

I've been scouring the videos, PDFs and websites all morning for confirmation though and haven't gotten it yet.

For me that would be the prime reason to upgrade, though I'm also curious about the new engine improvements such as cymbal swells and velocity and resonance controls.

john emrich:
Sorry I was late getting to this.  I was in NYC Saturday and did demos for 2500 people with BFD3 and the EXP.  Long weekend.....

64 instruments.

Engine improvements are under the hood to make things a lot easier for folks to get it set correctly.

Modeling!  This includes cymbal swells.  The way that works is that BFD3 senses the speed of your cymbal strikes and adjusts the attack of subsequent strikes to make a smooth roll!  It is fully adjustable and gives you presets.  A while ago I did a bit of research and recorded results showing what happens during a real cymbal roll.  That was turned into the base line for how we put rolls together and the settings needed.  End result is a simple, one knob adjustment that makes it easy to do rolls on any cymbal.  Including cymbals like a heavy 24" ride that wouldn't even sound smooth acoustically.

Also in modeling, we have adjustable Tom resonance.  That allows the toms to be heard ringing when you hit other drums.  The levels are fully adjustable.  That feature is retroactive to all of the expansion packs.

More info and videos to come....


Btw, I'm downloading it right now.. more soon :)

Ordered it today!! It looks much improved!


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