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playing two at the same time?


Does anyone have experience with setting up two Zendrums for playing simultaneously? I'm trying to think of a setup where you could play both comfortably for a long time just to have more sounds and redundant locations available. I only have one, but I play my LT on a stand next to a keyboard. Comping keyboard with Zendrum works well enough, but it soon gets uncomfortable so that you don't want to do it too long.

I haven't seen Jer around in some time, but I seem to recall he was playing a ZX and an LT together at one point.  I don't think this is the video, too dark to see if that's just a keyboard or not -- plus my memory may not be accurate on this:

Rob Silverman once soloed with two ZXs though:

does anyone know what software rob silverman was using in this video. also, how do you play two software programs like superior drummer and battery at the same time with one zendrum?

Pretty sure that was just an Alesis D4.


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