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Sweet 16!


Just looked inside my Zendrum and noticed that it was made in 1997 and inspected by Mr. 109. It is 16 years old this year!! ;D

Sounds like a party is in order   ;D
I'll bring the Beer ! 🍺

Inspector 109:
That's very satisfying to hear, thanks!
Glad to hear that it's still rockin' strong like we intended.
That's a respectable track record of reliability so far.
We see them occasionally come in for Z4 upgrades as far back as the early 1994-95 with the datawheels up on top.
By the time your ZX was made we pretty much had the manufacturing down cold, and yes, I still test every single one myself like Dr. Bob Moog told me to in 1997. I remember that highlight like it was yesterday.

I had the the Z4 upgrade in 2011 so it is pretty much up to date. I have drug it around with me to 14 US Embassy assignments to date!! Going through the Afghanistan airport in 2005 was the worst so far, the guards were taking their hands toward their triggers when they inspected it. I could have used some 007 features. Currently in Monrovia, Liberia and taking it to an open mic after some woodshedding.

Inspector 109:
That's awesome! Keep us posted.


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