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power on 24/7 ok?

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Even when I'm not playing my LT, I want to leave it powered on because it sits on a snare stand where I will frequently and randomly go over and play it. I do sleep my computer frequently because it has different electronic considerations, but in my setup it would be convenient to just leave the LT on even when the computer (my only sound module) is sleeping. Is there any substantial reason to see leaving the LT on 24/7 as an unnecessary risk of some sort?

Inspector 109:
No reason to be concerned.
Leave it on if you want to.

Thanks for verifying. I mean, with no moving parts or heat generation I thought turning it off and on might even be more wear and tear on the electronics than simply leaving it on.

Inspector 109:
Don't worry about it either way.
As little trouble as we've seen in all Zendrums through 20 years,  you can still count on us to have your back no matter what.

Still though, why leave it turned on?  It only takes a few seconds for it to come online once you flip the switch.
My wife would be giving me sideways looks for wasting electricity like that  ???


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