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Configuring my recording rig


hey tribe,

I need some help figuring out midi connections.  I recently delved into the world of computer recording, and don't quite know how to hook things up properly.  I'm close, but no go yet. here's what I've got.

M audio axiom 25 keys (usb and midi in/out, no thru)
Roland D-20 Keys (midi in/out/thru)

Sound Modules:
Roland td-8
Roland Fantom XR

MOTU midi timepiece(no usb)

Computer interface:
M Audio firewire 410 (has one midi in and one midi out port)
and an apple ibook g4 running Logic Express

So that's a lot of connections and I'm frustrated.....I know how to connect one controller if I don't use the MOTU, and I know how to use the Motu as a merger for live gigs, but I am having trouble putting all these pieces together for recording. does anyone have a similar setup? 


john emrich:
Hello Raven,

You can take the MIDI outs from your Zendrum, Axiom, and D-20 MIDI outs and connect them to the Motu.  The Motu will act as a merge to the the information into the MIDI in port on the Firewire 410.

Zendrum (MIDI out)------------\
Axiom (MIDI out)------------------ (MIDI In) Motu  ---------(MIDI In) Firewire 410
D-20 (MIDI out)-----------------/

You then MIDI out of the Firewire into the Fantom XR, TD-8, and D-20.  For these three units you can use a Daisey chain to MIDI everything together

FIREWIRE 410 (MIDI Out)------(MIDI In) D-20 (MIDI THRU)------(MIDI In) Fantom (MIDI THRU)-------(MIDI In) Td-8

You will not hear the MIDI information untill you enable the channels in logic.  Once ou have everything routed correctly in the software, this setup should work fine with what you have.  Try it and after a while you will understand more about recording and what direction your gear needs to go.

Hope this helps,

Brilliant, John.  You have my heartfelt thanks! I had to tweak around in Logic a bit to get to the Zen, but that was a sequencer thing, not a midi connection.  You have made my life much easier, and taught me a few things to boot.  Cheers,



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