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Hi Mick,
Little time for Zendrumming of late.   I bought a yamaha DTX-multi 12 to get back to playing with sticks that meant the LT had been on th shelf for a long time (I even had it up for sale for a while but then decided that I couldn't bear to part with it).   I don't even play the Yamaha much these days since I am concentrating on my EWI4000s Wind controller more than anything else - though I have started to pick up my guitars again  after leaving them aside for too many years.   Last purchase was a Korg PadKontrol to see if I can emulate David Haynes on the drums (see youtube for what I mean).    Playing the PK makes you appreciate just what the LT has going for it in terms of sensitivity and ergonomics though - may get my rear in gear and get some practicing on the Zendrum again soon.
All the best.  If you are ever gigging down in Dublin let me know and I'll come out to hear you.



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