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Tracking says tomorrow !


 ;D Looks like my ZX will arrive tomorrow. That is very cool. I will be leaving tomorrow night for several days of R&R in Maine.
Guess I better call in sick (Zendrum Fever) tomorrow morning so I can be here to sign for it .
Looks like I will have some time to get acquainted with my new instrument.
Ahhhhhhhh XMass in August   8)

Inspector 109:
Have fun!
Call me if you need anything.

All I can say is WOW !
I am just blown away by the beauty and craftsmanship of this Zendrum.
You hear about it - you read about it - but until you have it in your hands you really can't imagine just how fantastic this instrument is.
Thank you Inspector for your fine work and offer of assistance.
I programed about 8 triggers and couldn't stop playing it.
I do have a question or two and will send you an e-mail.
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you   ;D


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