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Two TD20/TD30 plus BFD2 related questions.


Before I bought my Zendrum I saw a post, somewhere, on the need to adjust the master sensitivity setting on the TD20 so the Zendrum and other non-VDrum pads will not max out the velocity so easily. Now I cannot find the post anywhere. Does anyone remember this or have suggestions on how to set the TD20 for a smooth response? I really prefer to do the adjusting within the TD20 so that I can move between the TD20 and BFD2 without changing anything in the Zendrum.

Is anyone using a HH controller (FD-7 or FD-8) with the Zendrum + TD20? Id like to set it up to work with both the TD20 and BFG2 which means connecting the controller to the Zendrum. What cc channel are you using? Do you use the same setting for the TD20 and BFG2?

None of the pad related settings within the TD20 will have any affect on the Zendrum as it sends MIDI data to the TD20, not trigger impulses.  The note velocity has already been determined by the time the data arrives at the TD20.
To affect the responsiveness and sensitivity you need to change those settings in the Zendrum itself.  The 'noise floor', 'maximum volume' and 'response curve' all work together to determine this "feel".  If you are using ZenEdit, you can see these settings graphically on the 'Response/Calibration' screen.

As for the HH pedal, if you are connecting it to the Zendrum then you should probably perform a calibration (details in the Zendrum manual) though you can also use that same screen in ZenEdit to tweak it.  The MIDI channel would be the same as the drums (10).
Someone with more experience with external CC pedals and the TD20 can chime in but I'm pretty sure the CC # it uses is #4 (foot control).


Thanks. I am using Zenedit, so far without luck, but I just had a "duh" moment and when I get home from work I will see. I'm using sysexe to move the data to the Zendrum and everything seems file. When I move the Zendrum from the computer room to the music area the edits are not there. Reading through the Z4 manual I see there is a command to Save. I have not been saving within the Zendrum after the transfer and I'm hoping that is why the data is not there after powering off and back on.

Yep. It was a "duh" moment. Once I started saving on the Zendrum after transferring the sysex file all is good.


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