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Today's the day !


I plan to place my order today. I've done my homework - purchased a module, practice amp and even some new headphones.
I have had some communications with "The Inspector" and feel comfortable with the product, support and my transition after 40 years of kit playing. I am really looking forward to this new musical adventure.

Congratulations!  Now comes the hardest part, the waiting!   :)

Congrats Slyder. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I plan to enjoy mine.

PS: fxpansion has a 50 percent off sale during July on BFD2 and expansions. It is either good timing or bad timing, depending on how you look at it. I grabbed the percussion expansion and a couple Yamaha kits while they are cheap.

I think Drumwagon's got it right - The waiting now will be killer.
I wii stare at a picture and dream in the meantime.
I ordered a ZX  in Flame Maple Saphire.
"Let the waiting begin"  ??? 8)


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