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Just wondering if ZenEdit comes with standard layouts for GenMIDI, Roland TD, etc... that map those devices to "suggested" pads on the ZX and EXP. When my Zendrum comes in one of the first things I will do is try some different layouts to find the one most comfortable to me. I'm hoping that ZenEdit will introduct me to some of those possible layouts.

Yes, it comes with mappings for all popular modules and software packages.  When you create a new project file it defaults each setup to the factory defaults which are David Haney's suggested layouts. 

My suggestion would be to download ZenEdit and start playing around with the setups and creating your own layouts.  Once you receive your license key you can unlock the demo mode.


Thanks. I'll download today and look everything over this weekend. I'm really thinking about using the TD most of the time and keeping a bass drum pedal and HH controller attached to the TD. That gives me some foot control without running those cables to the Zendrum that I am holding.

How can I get at the Demo ?  Would be great to check out while I'm waiting for my ZX to arrive.

You can download it from the ZenEdit site.  http://nebiru.com/zenedit/index.cfm?event=download


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