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Taken to the wood shed, make that, to the wood shop.

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Maybe one of the moderators can help clear this up - but looking at a purchase directly from Zendrum - Zen Edit is included with the purchase. I plan to order a new Z4 -ZX and under options and accessories - the Zen Edit program is included. ( at least I hope so   )

Correct.  At the time of this writing, each new Zendrum purchase includes a ZenEdit license.  This obviously does not apply to secondhand purchases however.


NICE!   ;D

I missed that.

Darn it. Got home from work and found a FedEx sticker on my door. Missed delivery from Georgia. I know what that is. Luckily they deliver on Saturday. I'll be setting by the front door.

My beautiful flame maple sapphire blue EXP arrived today. A nice match to my zebrawood ZX. Taking a break to watch the ZenEdit Introduction video. Now I am lusting for the LT. ... I need help.  ::)



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