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After seeing Mo'Rockin countless times over the years while visiting Epcot I finally ordered my own Zendrum. I decided to go all out. Flame maple EXP in that beautiful sapphire blue. I know the web site says 4+ weeks for that finish but I still cannot help but check the status every day. It's going to be a long month. Anyway, I have a few questions while I wait. I plan to use a Roland TD20x as my main sound source. I also may connect it to my DAW and try using Kontakt.

Will it be easier to map the Zendrum to match the TD20x, or program patches on the TD20x to match the Zendrum? (I do plan to get the ZenEdit program once I pay off this purchase.)

When using more than one pad to trigger the same drum, do most users assign both pads to the same midi note, or use two different midi notes and slightly different strikes to mimic left and right hand?

I have a MacBookAir with Ableton Live. Would what I gain in variety and sound quality make it worth using a computer instead of something simple like the TD20X?

Thanks for any answers.

Welcome to the tribe!
It's much easier to use the TD-20 map in ZenEdit to setup your triggers than remap the module.  The TD-20 however does not have a concept of left hand or right hand strokes, so you would just assign the same instrument to multiple pads.  The TD-20 does do a passable job of eliminating machine gunning -- not as good as some higher end VSTs such as BFD2, but decent enough.  Make sure you set your maximum velocity from the Zendrum to a hair below 127 to give it some wiggle room.

Congrats Rabid 👍 - I soon hope to order a ZX in that same finish.
I can imagine the anticipation and know that when I finally put in an order, I will be checking often on progress.
Am I mistaken or does the Zen Edit program come with the purchase ?
I have purchased a drum module - practice amp and headphones as well as downloading and studying the ZX and drum module manuals.
I hope to place my order in the next couple of weeks if all goes well.
Best of luck on your new purchase. I hope to be joining the ranks soon.

ZenEdit is a different purchase and a different company. I plan to get it once my Zendrum has shipped. By then I have to decide which computer I'm going to use for editing.

I looked for the EXP manual but do not see it listed. For now I have downloaded the ZX manual.

Oooohhhh boy. I've done it now. Sold a bit of music equipment that I did not need, made the mistake of looking on Ebay, and bought a second Zendrum before I even received my first. Not exactly sure if the person is a dealer but he had a couple of new2012  ZX Z4 series listed and I bought one today. That will give me a chance to see which layout I like better, the ZX or the EXP. Now I have double the anticipation.  8)


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