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BFD2 feels good, Battery doesn't


I tried all kinds of adjustments on my new LT (with ZenEdit) and inside NI Battery, but Battery just continues to have a lousy feel: you have to strike comparatively hard to reach an audible sound level, and then there's little headroom in your finger energy left for dynamics. I did indeed fiddle quite a bit with response curves on the LT and layers inside Battery etc., but playing the ZenDrum with NI is still dissatisfying. I'm not an expert, but I'm not technically illiterate, either.

BFD2, on the other hand, just felt good right out of the box. It responds to light taps and then with a natural-feeling continuity to heavier strikes. That verifies that my technique and expectations are reasonably normal. So I'm curious if Battery can be radically adjusted for a better feel, or if it's limited in a way that bothers me more than most people? It's not a big deal since I like BFD2 just fine, but the option to use Battery's electronic sounds  would be nice, and its smaller installation footprint would be convenient for a different computer.

BFD2 has hundreds of sample layers, while Battery only has a few per instrument. Battery wasn't really made to be played live like BFD or Superior Drummer. The only thing you can do is adjust velocity curves to get the best out of it.

Sorry Jimmy, I must have missed your original post.  As someone who regularly uses both packages, I can say that it sounds to me that there might be something wrong with your Battery installation.  While Battery will never have as much nuance as BFD2 you should be experiencing the same dynamic range, as "MIDI is MIDI".  In other words, the minimum force required to generate a sound should be the same in either package.  The same goes for the response curve (the amount that the velocity increases as you begin to strike harder).

The Zendrumdrive uses Battery 3 too, running David's TRS library.  There are samples of it here and as you can tell, it's not lacking in quality or expressiveness:  http://www.zendrum.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=59

Again, I use both BFD and Battery 3 and while Battery may not be as realistic as BFD2, it's definitely no slouch.


Thanks for the info. Having a confirmation that Battery works fine, I did try it on a different computer, and it's OK there. My first computer was much more powerful, though that difference may not be relevant here. All I can say is that I tweaked lots of stuff and could never get anything close to a decent feel. On the second computer, however, Battery was acceptable out of the box so it will be a backup if I ever have a problem with my BFD2 computer.

Cool.  Glad it helped.


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