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Hey guys! Long time no talk.
So I don't know if I'm the only one this has been happening to, but since I got my ZX, I have had an intermittent problem with bumping the power switch with my belt or hip and accidentally shutting off the power while practicing.

I've contemplated a few different solutions for this and I think what I may end up going with is replacing the current toggle switch with a push-button, such as http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/717130401/LED_push_button_switch.html.

The questions I have are probably best answered by the Inspector, but any insight is helpful. My main concern is to resolve this one way or another before it results in a switch-off at a very unfortunate time.

1) Will this void my instrument's warranty? My friend and I are both heavy tinkerers and are well-versed in modifications such as this, so skill is not an issue, but I understand not wanting to be responsible for third party modifications. Regardless of the solution, I need to get this sorted out, even if it's just making a physical barrier over the switch.

2) What are the dimensions of the existing switch and the hole it is mounted in? Is there any electronic equipment lying directly beneath the power switch? How much depth is there to work with below the backplate of the ZX? Obviously if I go the replacement switch route, I don't want to order one only to have it not fit. The one I linked above looks substantially deeper than the google searches I've done for comparisons to switches like the stock toggle.

3) For other people who have experienced this (if any), how did you overcome it?

Thanks for the ideas, guys!

61 views and no responses after two weeks? This isn't the forum I remember, I guess.

That one summer of excessive spamming drove many people away.  The hope is that they'll return now that we have better control over it.

I've replaced my battery compartment before, but never have messed with my power switch.  If it was me, I'd probably just put a cut-out rectangle of raised foam around the switch to keep from accidentally bumping it.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'd considered that too, but my concern is that the adhesive will fail since it'll be more prominent and thus subject to much more abuse than the somewhat low-profile switch. I'm hoping for a more permanent solution. I may just carefully take the back off tomorrow and see what I'm looking at for myself, since many people have already done it themselves to service their Zendrums. How much leeway is there in the wiring between the board and back plate? (e.g. if I lift the back off, how far will it go before damaging the wires)

Yes, I have had that problem before, though only when practicing as that's the only time I play sitting down. When I was gigging with the ZD I always played standing up, and the power switch was never an issue. Perhaps the mod you need is just to change the position of how you are holding the instrument?

Aside:  I checked back periodically and there was no activity, it's been a while, glad to see the forum up and running with no spam. The facebook page is ok, but not like a forum. Glad to see it back. :D


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