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But...... I hope to soon 😎


Been doing my home work reading manuals. Decided on a Alesis DM 5 because of its simplicity and my lack of knowledge. Bought one on eBay and when it arrived, it didn'work. Just a loud hum with some samples in the distance. Looking for another one. My reading has increased my confidence level. Being old school acoustic - all this technology is pretty intimidating. I have also decided on the Z4 - ZX. Dave has been really helpful with his good guidance. Trying to decide on finish.
Any thoughts ? I really like the Saphire Blue Flame. Not sure that I could justify the exta cost. In any case, I will be. Zendrummer soon. 😀

I think most of use here started with that or a similar module.  I myself used to use the Alesis DM-Pro, and still do for some gigs that need that less nuanced, totally machine-sounding groove.

I also used to like the EM-U Planet Earth module, though it was far more difficult to program.  There are also a plethora of Roland, Yamaha and Alesis modules and drum machines to be had on the cheap on eBay.  If you're going for realism and expressiveness though, skip all that and start researching software based approaches.  For a plug-n-play experience, consider the Zendrumdrive.

Thanks for the great info. I am excited to see the zen edit you developed and even more excited to get started with the Zendrum.
I'm certain that Zendrumdrive is the ultimate way to go - I'm not sure that at this stage of my introduction to the midi world after 40+ years of acoustics that I am mentally prepaired for that. I sense that as I become more comfortable with the transition - I will want to upgrade to the best of the best.
Thanks again for yor help - you guys are awesome 😎


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