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Is the Zendrum pre programmed and can be played right out of the box prior to custom programming when I figure it all out ?
What (if any) other connection device will i need to plug it into my PA System and make some noise when it arrives ?
Thanks for any info you can give me.

Inspector 109:
Hey Slyder, welcome!
You'll need a sound generator of some kind-
Drum module, Keyboard, or computer with drumming software.
The Zendrum is a controller with no sounds inside.

Thank you David. Like many others here I have had it with the lugging and setting up etc. After 40 years of gigging my poor body has had it.
I will continue to do some research here and try to find information on a sound generator that will get me started.
Suggestions are welcome 😎
Talk soon,

Inspector 109:
My favorite to learn on is the DM5 Alesis.
Very simple and straightforward, 500 sounds inside.
You should be able to find one used on eBay for +/- $250.
I can talk you through the set up even without a manual.
In fact, it's simplicity is what we based the Zendrum OS on back in 1994.

Thanks for the info on the DM5 - I will see what is out there.
In my case - the simpler the better for now.
Getting really excited about this 😀


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