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Hey Youse Guys!


Wow, it's been a looong time since I've seen all y'all!

I think the forum went down right after I visited Insp 109 (happy bday, my friend!) in GA, and I haven't spoken to any of you since! Sheesh!

Well, it's way late here (just got back from a camping trip so I needs me some beauty sleep) but I plan on catching up on some ZenBiz this weekend.

One fun li'l tidbit: I just got ahold of the new Bose B2 sub for the L1 system- the 2 10"s pretty much make the old B1 model's 2 6"s seem like a toy. Report forthcoming.

Nice to be back in Zenland, my friendz.


Welcome back!  We've put a fresh layer of paint on the forum and it's now open for business again.  Glad to see you!



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