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Played jazz today


Greetings tribe!

So, today I played a gig with my jazz trio and I got to try something interesting.  For the last few gigs I felt like I was playing the same thing all night and I wanted to alleviate this.  So I looked at my setup on the Zendrum and said, "you know, I have a few empty pads; I'll put a second ride cymbal in!"  It's not like I'd be adding real estate to my setup, right??

I decided I wanted something very different from my main ride which is a fairly bright sizzle;  I went with something darker and dryer and for the time being just stuck it where I had a free pad. 

Tonally, it was a joy to use.  It pretty much solved my monotony issue and added so much in terms of color. Kinesthetically it was a little awkward and I felt my hand tiring out at points, but now that the concept is solid I can work on refining it.

This experiment was one of the first times I've messed with a Zendrum map in a while and I loved the results.  Moreso I think the fact that I could make that experiment without adding bulk or complexity to my current setup.  Yet another reason I adore my instrument.



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