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"Do you miss it?"


That's what my bandleader asked me the other day.

We were taking a break during rehearsal, listening to some random tracks and I was air-drumming along, making motions more like an acoustic drummer than a Zendrum player.  And that's what he asked me; "Do you miss acoustics?"

I don't think I've ever actually been asked that before.  Usually it's "do you still play real drums" or some variant thereof; in the near ten (ten?  really? wow!) years I've been playing the instrument, I don't think I've been asked if I MISS the other way.

I told him no. :)  To be fair, I did qualify it a bit.  I told him I do miss those moments when I could spread out and use the kit to it's fullest, both in terms of orchestrations and yes, volume, but those moments were so few and far between.  More often it was the case where I hve to keep tighter rein over overything I'm playing than Leopold and the gigs were mercenary engagements, not the fun stuff. 

When I've played my Zendrum it's been FUN.  Either the gig itself was fun or if not the gig, than the musicians; if not the musicians, then just looking at the audience and seeing them say "what IS that thing?"  And it's always fun being able to get out the door before the guitar player <chuckles>

So, I guess the full answer to the question of "do I miss it?" is, "not enough to try and find more reasons to play it, and my back doesn't miss it at all!"

This pleasant bit of Zendrum philosophy brought to you by Jaay. :)

Never see it as "either or" it's all fun.

Just picked up an old Yamaha DTX 2.0 module, lot of interesting new sounds I can use compared to the unreliable DM Pro I used previously (thats going for its 3rd factory reset, keeping that at home)

It's all drums  8)


Oh I loved that module!  I got a lot of mileage out of the DTX both with pads and my Zendrum; feel free to buzz me if you have any questions.


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