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OPINION UPDATE: Best portable amp for live Zendrum performance?

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I currently use my JBL EON G2's when it is just the Zendrum.  For my band's PA, we have Carvin LS1202 monitors (awesome thump), Peavey SP5 FOH and as needed for larger gigs, we add a JBL EON 518S.

Really small gigs, I just set up the JBL EON G2's as FOH, and have had really good vocal clarity and low end response.

The future still has the QSC K series on the radar, but need to pay for the Zendrumdrive first.

Avast Thar Mateys,

    Aye currently use a Roland KC 150.  For small venues it seems to do the trick.  For larger places Aye would recommend a QSC K12.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Hi all. I've tried a few amps, all with mixed success.  I've settled on one of these and it is pretty fantastic actually.  http://www.philjonespuresound.com/products/?id=8

This particular model is just enough for smaller acoustic / jazz type gigs Have a listen to how it 'puts out' without PA: http://youtu.be/0u_susewERg   

Recommend auditioning one if you can. I love mine!


Inspector 109:
I'm a happy QSC K12 user. I've never had a drum monitor that was so loud or clear. It's got a deep switch too, but that's almost too much for most situations. Very versatile for P.A., vocal, multi-instrumentalists as well with 1000 lightweight watts, a 12" woofer and horn tweeter in a kick-back, stand upright, or pole mount configuration.
Yamaha, EV, Alto, JBL, make similar powered monitors. Hard to beat the clarity and brute punch of the QSC in such a small package.
I've abused mine pretty hard for a couple of years now.
Zero complaints


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