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OPINION UPDATE: Best portable amp for live Zendrum performance?

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I know this has been discussed here before...but I'm curious to get some current opinions. I've had (for many years) a Peavey keyboard amp that I've been using with my Zendrum. It's a KB-5 (I think), with a 15" cone. It's got plenty of power, especially for relatively small clubs, coffeehouses, bars, etc. and a good bass response (the 15" cone helps a lot there). But the thing is huge (plenty big and strong enough to sit on) and weighs a ton---a real pain to haul around.

John E, I remember you touting the virtues of the Barbetta amps...and I know people who have been pretty happy with the Roland KC series keyboard amps (though I realize the Barbetta is in a somewhat more "Gucci" category of amp).

Of course I'm looking for the impossible---something with big, deep, pristine sound...that is almost as easy to carry around as the Zendrum itself!  ;D (Oh---and also won't cost as much as a Zendrum!)

Any suggestions?

I really love my BOSE model II with either the B2 sub or 2 B1's and a T1 mixer. Unfortunately it does cost more than a Zendrum but I highly recommend it. You should also check out the QSC K12 or smaller K10. These by themselves are awesome with the bass boost or they can be combined with a K SUB for bigger venues. This is one Zendrumers opinion. Ask Pocketmaster and DR Shark how they likes them! Thumper

As much as I loath GC, I have to hand it to them that the Simmons DA200S makes for a very good monitor.  Good form factor, easy to cart around, small footprint, decent price, powerful sound and fairly flat response at all frequencies.  It's also very directional which is either good or bad depending on your situation.

There are reviews of it elsewhere on this forum and also over at vdrums.

Thanks for the suggestions! I probably should have clarified in my initial post: for the moment, I only have/use a single amp---meaning it serves double-duty as both monitor and audience amp (in other words, I sit in front of, and just to the side of, the amp---so both the audience and I can hear it fine).

Obviously if I ever hit the "big time" (LOL) and graduate to a real setup, I'll need to switch to a monitor/mains arrangement.  :)


Dr Evil:
I have had pretty good luck with my JBL EON15 set up. I usually use one speaker, they have high / low eq and amp built in. Not too big or heavy and can sit straight up or in a monitor position. Pretty good low and high end balance for a good kick and cymbal sound. If you look around, you can get a pair for around $300.00.


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