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Can someone describe the 4.0 chip in more detail for me?

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I'm considering upgrading to the latest chip. My understanding is that this improves sensitivity, and I'm hoping someone can describe in a bit more detail **how much** the sensitivity is improved?

Specifically, I'm wondering about the extreme soft (low-velocity) end of the spectrum: will the new chip make the pads so sensitive that even those incredibly tiny, feather-light, whisperings of my fingertips (almost not even touching the pads) will all trigger?

Currently, I often like to use 2-3 fingers on a single pad to play figures like grace notes, ghost notes, 2-stroke and 3-stroke ruffs---that sort of thing. But the 3.0 Zendrum often misses some of these very fast, very light/quiet notes. So I'm wondering if the new chip will change that?

Thanks for any more detailed comparisons!


I've had the older V3 Zen, and then did a custom build with the V4 chip.  IMO the sensitivity and over all response  was greatly improved with the new chip.  I currently find that it is not my Zendrum that is limiting, but instead my sound module (Roland D-10exp).  So much so that I am making the transition to a Zendrumdrive.  I never tapped the full potential of the V3 chip, and was very pleased with my older Zendrum, but the new features of the V4 chip are IMO well worth the investment.  Feel free to email Inspector 109 (aka Zendrum.com) and he will help you technically more than I can. 

john emrich:
The scan speed is a lot faster on the Z4.  That means that it is faster recovery between notes.  Non of us has actually measured it, but I did notice it. 

Regarding the multiple notes.... Yes!  I do a lot of this and they track at all velocity levels.  One thing I have been working on lately is a backward roll.  That is a finger style guitar technique that uses thumb, middle, and first finger as a roll.  The Z4 tracks it a lot better than the older chip.  The thumb is the accent.  On the Z 3 chip the non accent notes would drop out.

I recommend the Z4 chip with no reservation.

Hope that helps.

Thanks John and peabody---that helps to know! I'm sure it's better...just trying to get a feel for how much (and it sounds like a lot!). Now I'm just trying to budget for the internal MidiJet upgrade as well. :-)

The wireless option is well worth it. Thumper


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