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The only issue stilll, seems to be that I cannot send my sysex file from Zenedit to the Zendrum directly. I am following the procedure, and i see the little light on my Zendrum blink once when transmission begins, so there is communication there. I am wondering whether or not Zenedit recognizes me as a user and do I have the fully featured program rather than the demo? Seems the demo will not allow this feature, so perhaps that is the issue?

OK, I just was able to save the syx file to the HD, and using MIDI OX, uploaded to the zendrum and it took. So apparently i am using a "demo" version. how do I tell Zenedit I am a registered user?
Thanks Darin, almost there!

That's pretty weird about AIR as it's usually good at keeping itself up-to-date.  It sounds like somehow yours was stuck with an older version or something.  Glad to hear you have that sorted out now though.

If you're able to export and/or transmit SysEx then you are not using the demo version.  Those operations are only available in the full version, so sounds like you're good there.  You can also verify this by going to the Help menu.  If the items for registering or purchasing ZenEdit are grayed out then you have the full version for sure.

That you are seeing activity on the Zendrum when you transmit the SysEx is a good sign.  That indicates that you have correctly setup MIDI within ZenEdit and are connected to your Zendrum.

Some things to try:
1) Make sure no other programs are also using that MIDI port at the time you are transmitting, including MIDI-OX.  They can interfere with the port or block it.
2) I sometimes have to try transmitting a couple times.  Some machines and MIDI interfaces are more finicky than others.  This is true for me when using MIDI-OX too.  Sometimes the transmission will start, but the Zendrum never acknowledges receipt of the final data packet.  When this happens, I just start it again.  You can just press CTRL+T on PC or CMD+T on MacOS to transmit the SysEx.


Yes, Iam using the full version as the two areas are gray, but I cannot transmit sysex.

1. I close Zenedit 2 then open MIDI-OX and vice versa before I use either one as I found out early on one blocks the other from proper use.
2. I tried several transmits, no luck.

I see this difference between the two, sequnce as follows:
a. within zenedit, I go to the sysex transmit window, and on the zendrum to the Er, push the up arrow button on the back; the Er starts blinking... I then hit the transmit on zenedit and the "note-on light" blinks once, the Er continues to blink and when the transmit in zenedit says it is done, nothing else on the zendrum changes until I press the right arrow button, then the Er stops blinking. I go to the Save function and when applying the Save it just flips righ to the Pr display; no change takes place in the zendrum.

b. When I use MIDI-OX and transmit the sysex, my numeral display on the zendrum continues to blink, as does the note-on display light. When the transmit is done, the Er and note-on light  stops blinking, and then the mode change light starts blinking. When I then go to Save on the zendrum and it questions the save, I hit the up arrow on the zendrum, the 'SA' displays in the window, and then it goes to the Pr display, and the change is saved and operable.

So there is no recognition of the sysex dump from zenedit to the zendrum within the program itself. Once before we had this issue ISTR, and it had something to do with the zendrum seeing the beginning of the transmission but not recognizing when the transmission ended. Could this be the same problem again?


Okay.  Unfortunately it sounds like (for the time being) ZenEdit's built-in MIDI is not compatible with your setup.

If you can detail your setup I can try to recreate it here and work on a solution.  I'd like to know what version of Windows you have and if it is 32 or 64 bit, and what MIDI device your are using.  With this info maybe I can update ZenEdit so that this feature will work for you.  In the meanwhile you can continue to just export your SysEx to MIDI-OX.

Yes, I can still use MIDI-OX no trouble, so that's fine.

My setup is an Alesis usb to 2 cables with midi in and midi out connectors. I am running WIndows Vista Home Premium, 64 bit. As you know everything worked fine with the beta system, but that did not have the option to do away with MIDI-OX as the newest version does (and I might add, the new version works awesome with everything else! Nice program Darin).

Off to band practice. No hurry on this because I can still use everything else in the program, and it no longer freezes or crashes, so that is no longer an issue.



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