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Excellent information all the way through. I read about the freeze, and the fix. Looks good now. I will order up the recommended USB cable tonight! I'm glad you were able to get that squared away too. It will be very helpful to everyone when you post compatability info, then you won't have to address this issue again (hopefully).
I'll let you know going forward how it is working out once I get the new cable.
Thanks again Darin. I would never attempt to set uip my Z4 again without using zenedit. Your program allows us to use all the nuances that the Z4 chip is capable of producing. It turns the Zendrum 4 into a Beast!!!


Not sure if anyone else who is using Mac with the latest version has spotted this, but I get an error message every time I quit the program. I've sent Daren a copy of the error report.

Hi Alan.  I've answered this in your email, but will repeat it here for brevity.  I thought I had posted about this somewhere back when it was discovered, but can find no record of it.

"This is a known issue with 10.6.   ZenEdit shows a prompt when it is launched stating in effect to not worry about it.  There is a checkbox on that warning to 'not show again'.  At some point you must have checked that if you're not seeing it.

Nothing to worry about, and the problem goes away in newer versions of OSX."



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