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Hi Darin,

Speaking of answering questions about Zenedit :-)  (see my other post today) - - -
I downloaded the newest version and installed over the old version, which was the beta version and worked just fine. Since this new download a few days ago, the program keeps freezing up on me when I try to do anything. I can't seem to pinpoint it to any particular action; it happens fairly early on after I open the program, and it seems to be random. I am trying to set up a new project, and I can accomplish a few tasks then it just goes blank with the 'waiting' circle spinning, and says "(not responding)". I have closed the program numerous times and reopened hoping for something different to happen (yup, the definition of stupidity, keep doing what your doing and hope for a change, lol!). I have also shut down my computer several times and restarted thinking that might be it, but no change.
Any suggestions??

It might have something to do with you having the beta version previously.

I would try uninstalling (and possibly rebooting) and then reinstalling the latest.  That may clear it up.

Let me know if it doesn't though.

Argh... why do I seem to get all the problems!  ::)
Sorry Darin, I apologize, but it seems my luck to continue being a thorn in your side. :-[

OK, I uninstalled everything, reinstalled the new program, loaded my project in and... initially I was able to change 2 triggers in edit mode. I went to do a 3rd, and it did the same thing. Screen goes blank with the spinner "waiting" mode, and doesn't respond. I have to shut it down. I then tried to open a new project, and this time it gave me a windows message saying it was not responding. I could not shut it down, I had to go to the task manager and stop the program. So, I trie uninstalling and again reinstalling, but the same thing happens; it allows me to load a project or open a new one, then when I try changing the triggers, I get 2 or 3 done and *bam* I am locked. :P

So is this again particular to ME?!?!  :'(
Why am I seemingly the one that keeps having all these issues ... I think the drumgods just want to make sure I keep you busy :-). Was it something I said? Do you want to push me over a cliff? Have me take a long walk off a short pier?  ;)
I am going to take a dinner refrain, then try and see if I can get this loaded onto my laptop, and see if that makes any difference. I'll let you know.
In the meantime if you have any other suggestions that don't require you to swear at me, strangle me or wish ill thoughts about me, let me know  ;D


No worries, we'll sort this out somehow.  I always look at these as opportunities to further strengthen the app and make it more bulletproof.  If it happens to you, it may happen to others and this is a chance to get it hardened in advance.

Can you tell me what version of Windows you are using and whether it's 32 or 64 bit?  Also how much ram do you have installed?  Have you selected a MIDI interface from the top toolbar, and if so, what is it and does it still happen if you've turned it off?

With this information I'll set up a test environment and try to recreate the issue.

Adobe AIR usually will tell you if there is an update, but you might also check that have the latest version from here: http://get.adobe.com/air/


I think I got it. It seems to be something to do with Adobe AIR i believe. I tried uninstalling Zenedit and reinstalling as you know, and every time I reinstalled it I got the same exact information in all my files. It seemed like there was some type of memory being held and I thought maybe thats the problem, I am not really clearing everything out with the uninstall. So I decided to unninstall everything associated with Zendedit, but I could not uninstall AIR. It kept giving me a message to the effect I had to be an admin to uninstall. I looked into this online and found a huge # of people with issues trying to get rid of AIR. I tried 5 or 6 different ways, nothing worked. I finally went in and found everything I could that had to do with Adobe AIR in Windows Explorer and manually deleted a bunch of folders. Then I reinstalled AIR, reinstalled Zenedit, and it seems to be behaving. I have been playing around with it for the past hour and it has not crashed or frozen at all.
My issue now is re-learning how to save and transmit the .zen and .syx files directly without using MIDI-OX, which I believe you have now made possible in this version?

Hopefully we won't have to recreate the scenario I had! If this continues working corrrectly (which I assume it will now since it has been going well), then you won't have to invest time figuring this out. I will say for future reference, anyone updating to this version should uninstall AIR and reinstall with the new zenedit. I would repectfully suggest you invest some time trying to figure out how to get that damn program (AIR) to uninstall! I am still not sure I got it all off, but i must have deleted something right for it to be working.
Thanks for your concern and help as always. I will report back in the next few days to give you an update as to how it is working.

Oh, sorry to see the picture in the other thread :-(. The damage appears to be pretty minor thankfully, and cosmetic, not functional. *whew*!


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