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john emrich:

This video was posted n FaceBook.  For those of you not in that group.....


Special thanks to Inspector 109 for all of his support.


Thanks John
You have given me some things to play with and try out.



That is a really nice video on tehcnic. First time thru I watched, second time thru I learned! I've been gigging in several bands with the zendrum exclusively and I have adapted to my limitations because I always tried to bring in a lot of percussion toys with my "extra" triggers. after seeing your setup, I am going to try and do something similar. I want to be able to be as loose, comfortable and have my memory patterns down pat with the Zdrum as much as I am with my kit. i have yet to accomplish that, but your video opened up some thinking patterns for me, outside my 'box'.

Oh and Rob (Pocketmaster) also had a very nice video as well. It's older but still pretty informative.

Thanks guys! I am still using a Roland TDW20 for simplicity. I have been gigging with a full custom electronic kit as well as an acoustic cocktail kit, and occasionally with my cajon, as well as the zendrum. Good stuff!!



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